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Killing Games

Killing games with lots of blood

666 killing games, and lots of blood online makes this the best place to release stress on random things. Kill rabbits, or even people and try out stickman killing games.

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 Friday the 24th Friday the 24th
Friday the 13th? Friday the 24th more like Use Jason in his hockey mask and destroy happy elves wit
Battle your way through 15 crazy levels of Greek warriors. You can chop of heads, break knees, throw
Achilles 2Achilles 2
Violent side view fighting game, battle 5 different armies, cutting enemies in half, decapitating them, impaling them on spears, kickin...
Anti ChristAnti Christ
Play the Devil or God, in this epic battle defence game.
AxeGang RampageAxeGang Rampage
Retro looking arcade game involving throwing axes everywhere whilst you run down a street.
Slay people chop off heads, you must be quick or you WILL lose yours.
Barrack Obama FightBarrack Obama Fight
Steet Fighter type game, beat the shit out of cronnies, play as all popular politicians
Blood Car 2000Blood Car 2000
OK, you've lost your job, life's a bitch, so what do you do? Go nuts and run people over that's what!
Bloody RageBloody Rage
Fight with several different characters ranging from Yoda to Laura Croft from Tomb Raider!
Bloody bladesBloody blades
Ninja killing game, chop up mugs...
Brawl RoyaleBrawl Royale
Animation game with blood, hit SPACE! That's it.
Brutal BoxingBrutal Boxing
Beat each other until the other guys head falls off.
Capcom Chainsaw ManiacCapcom Chainsaw Maniac
Classic game.
Steven didn't take his meds today and went on a killing rampage
Cubical Kill 5Cubical Kill 5
Cubikill 5 some office worker is pissed off working 9 to fricking 5 and having to do reports for his boss
Dad n' MeDad n' Me
Kid Killer goes on the rampage in a park.
Destroy The PeaceDestroy The Peace
Drive around in your beat up ghetto car, down broken streets, and shoot up people plus buildings for amusement.
Devil KidDevil Kid
Chop sheep up and dine in hell in this platform stab a thon with metal track.
Customize your profile, and go to war. Choose Samurai sword, guns and other sharp instruments.
Dynasty StreetDynasty Street
Violent Flash Game with stickmen.
Eternal Red | BloodyEternal Red | Bloody
Race around looking for mugs to kill part defense part shooter.
Evil Red Riding HoodEvil Red Riding Hood
Its the little red riding hood, but this one is evil.
Executive ShootoutExecutive Shootout
Go nuts kill eveyone in this office rampage, great stress reliever!
FEAR Unlimited ArenaFEAR Unlimited Arena
Fight demonic forces in a never ending onslaught. Use your weapons wisely to slaughter the demon hordes.
Fear Unlimited Full EditionFear Unlimited Full Edition
Demons, slaying, guns, blood
Use a big sword and avoid the litttle bastards.
Headless HavocHeadless Havoc
Chop off heads while riding your horse.
Horrors from planet 10Horrors from planet 10
Some fucked up shit has gone down on this alien infested shithole. Your job is to clean it all up.
Kiling SpreeKiling Spree
Animation involving this guy who has one day left, so basically just kills as many people as he can.
Kill Fred DurstKill Fred Durst
Choose: Fire Punch Gun and more, just kill fred durst!
Kill SantaKill Santa
The fat little bastard didn't bring me anything this year...
Kill TeletubbiesKill Teletubbies
Kill all these annoying little bastards with no mercy. Kil the teletubbies game, a frustration or revenge type of game. Teletubbies mus...
Kill The EmoKill The Emo
Emo target is like apple shooter, where you have to shoot an apple off some dudes head. This is the same only with an emo.
Killing GroundsKilling Grounds
Survive multiple waves of trained assassins and cyborgs to advance on and buy arsenal for the next round. In Killing Grounds the play...
Madness NexusMadness Nexus
Episode 1 madness is all about carnage, train and then upgrade your character in this rather nice violent game
Mass Mayhem 3Mass Mayhem 3
Some nutter is running around with a rocket launcher in this mad violent rampage game.
Mastermine WCMastermine WC
MASTERMIND: WORLD CONQUEROR - Manage your minions, defend your base, and conquer this puny planet ONCE AND FOR ALL!
Metal Slug Brutal 2Metal Slug Brutal 2
More brutal army rampaging in this sequel. Blow off heads and arms.
Monsters DenMonsters Den
The Book of Dread RPG Dungeon Game.
Munchkin SmasherMunchkin Smasher
Little bastard munchkins everywhere, slay them with your hammer!
Muy Thai 2Muy Thai 2
Beat the shit outta people.
Chop dogs heads off and zombies in this pretty cool adventure game.
Piranha Piranha
Feed on people in this piranha type game. You get to knock people out of boats and then go about eating their skin and heads, yummm!
Play Skull KidPlay Skull Kid
Play skull kid online now! You have a chainsaw, you get to chop shit up. Skull kid game ftw!
Pumpkin BattlePumpkin Battle
Final Fantasy type game with pumpkins. Easy and fun to play during halloween
The fight continues.
Red BaronRed Baron
Hack n' Slash your way through this mad cool game.
Rice Hat WarriorRice Hat Warrior
Ohh Shuriken! Samurai chopping madness.
Rise of a KnightRise of a Knight
Chop up goblins and chop of heads, awesome game
Russian AffairsRussian Affairs
Russian gangster shooting game.
Sandman RampageSandman Rampage
Mr Sandman goes on a killing rampage with an axe, a chainsaw and some other sharp tools.
Seal Clubby - Seal KillersSeal Clubby - Seal Killers
Except this time the seals are doing the killing, kill eskimos!
Sift Heads 0Sift Heads 0
The Starting Point is where Vinnie's story all begin. In this game, you need to complete the first couples of mission Vinnie had and le...
Sift RenegadeSift Renegade
Stick death game,
Silent DeathSilent Death
Assasin Game with stealth, snap necks, use knives.
Realistic warehouse themed shooter.
Sin Mark | DefenceSin Mark | Defence
Play a skilled archer, and wade of hordes of undead bastards.
Stag Knight 2Stag Knight 2
Hack n Slash more boyscouts, cubs, little badge wearing fuckers call them what you wish..
Staggy The Boy Scout SlayerStaggy The Boy Scout Slayer
Disembowel boyscouts and chop off heads. Stagknight style. Nice Metal track to. Pretty neat side scrolling killer game.
StoneAge Assassin: RevengeStoneAge Assassin: Revenge
Stoneage Assassin is a dark tale of revenge that takes place in a distant era. As the player you take the role of the father who had hi...
Straw Hat SamuraiStraw Hat Samurai
When all others are losing their heads around you make sure you don't lose yours!
Super Mario HardcoreSuper Mario Hardcore
Smoke annoying koopas with a rifle listen to hardcore tunes.
Sydney Shark AttackSydney Shark Attack
Play a shark and go around eating random surfers and other idiots swimming in the sea.
The Lost SpartanThe Lost Spartan
Spartans are back.
Vinney's Shooting Yard 4Vinney's Shooting Yard 4
Play this cool killing game
Wacko WillyWacko Willy
Wacko Willy is a funny bloody arcade flash game. You can choose from 2 weapons, a mace and an Axe, to score some good points with a lit...
The Awakening: Evil pumpkins are running amock, it is your job to destroy them.
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