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Evil Games

Evil horror games

Play this collection of online horror games. Some really cool scary evil type stuff going on here

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Anarchy MachineAnarchy Machine
Some dirty punk music, yell shit at people and basically make a lot of noise!
Bloody PinguBloody Pingu
Smack that damn bird with a spikey bat, and watch its guts fly around.
Shoot fricking cats across a courtyard with a catapult.
Claque Beignet EngineClaque Beignet Engine
You are an alien with sensitive hearing and all these fuckers are singing, slap them in the face.
Corpses of the 3rd ReichCorpses of the 3rd Reich
Horror platform action, sickening scenery, gore and shocking fx and cool sound effects.
Crazy ShuttleCrazy Shuttle
You're some mad ice cream salesman, whos lost the plot, now you just want to kill everyone, run them
Death RowDeath Row
You're on death row, and you were wrongly convicted, gather clues and plead your innocence.
Evil Clown Dress upEvil Clown Dress up
Make faces with this evil ass clown.
Faerie WarsFaerie Wars
Brutal blow-'em-up. Very Gory Game, watch you don't blow your legs off.
Fear Unlimited 2Fear Unlimited 2
Fight Demons unleash your wrath.
Gibbets 2Gibbets 2
Shoot people with arrows who are hanging, well kinda ;)
Bang your head to the music. Mosh!!
Hit the bearded manHit the bearded man
Whack the beared idiot with a bat or axe, try to find the easter egg.
Horrible Son Of A Bitch SoundboardHorrible Son Of A Bitch Soundboard
Great fun, make your own scary humor story with various phrases, like grandma shot herself, and other black comedy.
Horror Movie QuizHorror Movie Quiz
Here's Johnny! Horror Game quiz.
I miss you 2I miss you 2
Do you dare to enter the house where family of 4 died? Some say mother was demonic, so she might be responsible for the death of the ot...
Random wacked out movie about a crazed loon.
Kill KarKill Kar
Simply run people over some things to avoid like spikes and bombs.
Kill Kar 2Kill Kar 2
Oh this is fun and brutal fed up with driving about obeying orders? Just run people over hahah.
A young girl is haunted by shadows, contains disturbing scenes - excellent!
Mad MondayMad Monday
Equip up to three weapons, force other vehicles off the road or just shoot them, jump over bridges and trains! Submit your highscore! F...
Mushroom MadnessMushroom Madness
This guy took some shrooms and went a bit nuts like shroom caos.
Mushroom Madness 2Mushroom Madness 2
Crazy ass mushroom game is back. Protect your mushrooms and smack the crap outta animals with various tools. Nice way to relax.
Night HorrorNight Horror
Walk through the graveyard and shoot bats.
Orchestrated DeathOrchestrated Death
You play as DEATH himself, in this killing game, you choose who each person dies. There is a puzzle element to each kill.
Project PravusProject Pravus
Some weird shit has gone down and you're sent to investigate.
Gothic Horror with dark undertones.
Ragdoll LimboRagdoll Limbo
Ragdoll, do what you will, it is like a voodoo doll I guess?
Rocket WeaselRocket Weasel
Fire this rat looking thing at a target. It's a rat on a rocket or something.
Run em downRun em down
As simple as running people over.
Russian RouletteRussian Roulette
Death Game, spin the revolver put the gun to your head.
Seed of ChuckySeed of Chucky
The Seed of Chucky. Play the Chucky Doll, and throw axes at targets. Evil Doll game.
Sin CitySin City
Mad Comic book Flash Game, shoot people.
Skeleton ManSkeleton Man
Remarkable! Skeleton on a string puppet.
Slipknot - Me InsideSlipknot - Me Inside
Flash tribute.
The DarknessThe Darkness
Demon rock n roll.
The Grudge 2The Grudge 2
In Tokyo, a young woman (Tamblyn) is exposed to the same mysterious curse that afflicted her sister (Gellar). The supernatural force, w...
Torture ChamberTorture Chamber
Stick death using various torture techniques.
Vampire VisionVampire Vision
Find vampires in the local towns, by looking at tarot cards carefully you should be able to detect them.
Whack your BossWhack your Boss
Kill him or whack him, stupid bosss.
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