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Kill Celebrities Games

Shoot celebrities games

Bringing you the best in celebrity death games. Hate some celebrities and really want to chop them up, dice them, burn them? Well whatever your passion, go to work on them all here, includes everyone from George Bush to Britney Spears.

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Bieber BrawlBieber Brawl
Justin Bieber is back this time with more annoying music. It is your job to make sure this ENDS HERE!
Bieber Ragdoll 2Bieber Ragdoll 2
Pick up Justin Bieber and throw him around the room until he stops infiltrating our radio waves with his baby baby songs
Celebrity BashCelebrity Bash
Beat up dumb ass celebs. Knockout Kanye West for his stupid ego, slap Paris Hilton till she’s no longer hot or force Lady Gaga to shu...
Chop up bieberChop up bieber
Bieber's face is back bouncing around the screen like a right idiot. Well take your ninja skills to his annoying head.
Fight Mark ZuckerbergFight Mark Zuckerberg
Facebook makes you angry so you take it out on Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook
Gangnam Style BrawlGangnam Style Brawl
Smash up Psy, that annoying Korean musician pop song is back with OOOpp gangnam style music, well lets stop him from playing it.
Justin Bieber RagdollJustin Bieber Ragdoll
Ragdoll bieber, great fun game to play. Just in time to put Bieber through a mince meat machine and turn him into a nice bieber pattie.
Kill Justin BieberKill Justin Bieber
Bash this annoying popstar up!
Kill Rebecca BlackKill Rebecca Black
Just launch this annoying bitch through the sky, instead of listening to her stupid its Friday song, aim to launch her face into orbit ...
Simpsons 3D SpringfieldSimpsons 3D Springfield
Save Springfield from bullies! Complete missions from your favourite characters to unlock new parts of the town and kill all the bullie...
Torture Britney SpearsTorture Britney Spears
Various torture methods you can employ on Britney baby.
Whack BieberWhack Bieber
What an idiot, takes over our tv screens and airwaves with his music, well you can get revenge and wack him over the head like a mole
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