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Scary point and click games

Scary point and click Flash games. If you like adventure with a dark twist then check out these cool games and turn off the lights

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Crypt KeeperCrypt Keeper
Your stuck in a damn graveyard with no ideahow you got there or how you will get out. Can you survive this horror escape game?
Killer EscapeKiller Escape
Scary escape game, lots of decent effects and graphics.
Monster Basement 2Monster Basement 2
Explore the monsters house and get out while you can in this scary point and click game
Scary Maze Game 2 Japanese VersionScary Maze Game 2 Japanese Version
Japanese version of the scary maze game. Fricking nuts!
Scary Point and ClickScary Point and Click
Synapsis is a point and click scary escape game with dark and scary undertones..
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