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Scary Horror Escape Games

Dark and twisted scary horror escape games, if you like puzzles that are somewhat scary then try these out for fun. Some good escape games, escape from haunted houses or jails, dungeons, castles, or mazes

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Alone in the dark? Stop crying you must escape or you will DIE!
Alice is DeadAlice is Dead
Wonderland? Well Alice is dead, she lies dead in a cave you just fell down, can you get out?
Depict 1Depict 1
Creepy game, full of truth or maybe not, do you listen to the guy to solve puzzles?
DreamGate Escape 1.5DreamGate Escape 1.5
Play with headphones in a dark room for the most atmospheric, frightening gaming experience. You remember going to sleep, but regain c...
Dreamsgate Escape 1Dreamsgate Escape 1
Escape point and click game with dark undertones, and cryptic clues.
Escape from ElmstreetEscape from Elmstreet
Scary escape from Elmstreet. Several hidden rooms to explore, A secret area, and a few easter eggs throughout the game.
Escape from Hell TowersEscape from Hell Towers
Welcome to HellTowers, now escape or DIE!
Escape the BoogeymanEscape the Boogeyman
Sony Pictures, scary as shit.
Haunted house, horror game, move about look for clues and try to escape.
Haunted The Trapped SoulHaunted The Trapped Soul
Scary house escape game
Escape from this frozen hell hole before it's too late.
Monster BasementMonster Basement
You need to escape, by finding clues, and before the fricking monster returns to chop you into bite size pieces
Murder PeopleMurder People
You murdered someone you must escape before the cops arrive, in this adventure.
NightMare EscapeNightMare Escape
Escape from this nut house.
Resident Evil EscapeResident Evil Escape
Game is set in a resident evil atmosphere. You start off in a huge scary mansion with nothing but your quick wit to keep you alive. Exp...
Saw the gameSaw the game
Jigaw is back with this puzzle game, you need to escape in time.
Darkroom, you must escape. Find the light first.
The MoldThe Mold
More escape horror, in 3d. Turn lights off and have fun.
The stone of AnamaraThe stone of Anamara
Some escape game with a dark horror theme.
Zombies the beginningZombies the beginning
Zombie mayhem game you must escape alive, or die and perish trying!
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