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Shooting Games

Scary shooting games

If you like playing shooting games, such as shooting zombies, people, cats, or other animals then try out these cool games

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13 Days in Hell13 Days in Hell
Theres enough weirdos running around with axes, Johnny Blaze them with your magnum. Aim for the head
Absolute MadnessAbsolute Madness
You've lost your mind and you're after total destruction and annihilation. So, shoot and wipe out al
Alien ShowdownAlien Showdown
One man stands alone. Take out all the aliens coming after you, then all the alien nests as you try
Anaksha Female AssassinAnaksha Female Assassin
Extreme blood, and violence in this superb sniper game. I'd put a warning on the violence, but then what the hell are you doing here, s...
More violence and shooting, plenty of weapons to choose from in this sequel.
Bleed The GameBleed The Game
Some old school Flash game, with demons.
Blood ShedBlood Shed
Shoot fricking weird green men, headshots are the best!
Bloody online gameBloody online game
Involving guns like tommy guns :)
Blot in HellBlot in Hell
You have been sent to hell for your mischevious acts. Shot your way out to redeem yourself.
Brutal Metal SlugBrutal Metal Slug
Warfare combat game with gore blood and bullets!
Bullet TimeBullet Time
You know sometimes you feel superhuman? Well this tests that by way of some dude firing a loaded gun aimed at your head.
Clear VisionClear Vision
Snipergame shoot people in the head, requires skill.
Clown Killa 2Clown Killa 2
Some scary ass clown game. These clowns are psychopathetic, just gun them down, before they slice yo
Crazy Flasher 4Crazy Flasher 4
Run around like a nutcase and shoot ninjas. Great stuff blood and guts violent Flash mmm.
Crazy Kimono DollCrazy Kimono Doll
This Japanese horror game is creepy, chop of heads and survive. Crazy Kimono Doll Assault
Decision 3Decision 3
Another city taken over with an epidemic awaits you. In Decision 3 youll meet allies and restore urban facilities. Fight, conquer, rein...
Defend the FlagDefend the Flag
Shotgun frenzy, shoot heads off for fun.
Doom Doom
Play Doom the classic first person shooter game by id Software. Features DoomGuy, who must shoot his way through the hordes of demons f...
Doomsday DefenseDoomsday Defense
Fun shooting game where you need to defend your post from a demon army! Boss demons at wave 20 and 40
FPS in real lifeFPS in real life
First in the sequel of real life shooters.
FPS in real life 2FPS in real life 2
More real life shooting games.
FPS in real life 3FPS in real life 3
Wander around a house shooting people in real life.
Click and hold to slow time, then drag across bullets and release to redirect them. Play free online gore games here, we offer the best...
Flash CrysisFlash Crysis
Flash Crisis the Game. Shoot people behind rocks, and make their heads pop pop pop.
Graphic sniper game - Sniper Year OneGraphic sniper game - Sniper Year One
Take cars of bad ass mofos sniper style.
Play a hitman and pop heads in various zones. Contains blood, guns and shooting.
Kill ChavsKill Chavs
Chav Hunter is about killing those pikey fucks who dress like 80's rappers, in a sniper fashion, aim for the head.
Kill kim jong ilKill kim jong il
Smoke this bitch
Kill the teletubbies 2Kill the teletubbies 2
These annoying little bastards are back, just put gun to their heads already! Excellent! kill all teletubbies, most annoying creatures
Killer DollsKiller Dolls
Gory Flash retro looking game, shoot these bitches!
Kindergarten KillerKindergarten Killer
Caretaker, janitor takes revenge on these kids and kills them all.
Madness RegentMadness Regent
Side scrolling shooting game.
Metal Slug 3Metal Slug 3
Metal Slug 3 Metal Rampage.
Midnight MassacreMidnight Massacre
Shoot down hordes of civilians and avoid the undead or something like that.
Mushroom MadnessMushroom Madness
Shoot bears and other stupid animals, kinda addictive really.
Plazma Burst Plazma Burst
The Soldier of Fortune of flash games, a sidescrolling shooter with nice hit detection so the enemy will hurt where you shoot him, enjo...
Quake Quake
Quake the original is now available to play.
Real Life FPS ShooterReal Life FPS Shooter
First Person shooter in real life. Kill people FPS style while you walk around a forest.
STD Wave 1STD Wave 1
Boom headshot!
Shoot cat faceShoot cat face
Shoot the cat face man in the head!
Shoot em upShoot em up
Just shoot shit, its not difficult. Head's splat
Sift Heads 3Sift Heads 3
Sift Heads are back.
Sift Heads 3Sift Heads 3
Stickman nutter with a glock and M16.
Sift Heads 3Sift Heads 3
More crazy blood infested missions, choose your weapon carefully.
Sift with ShortySift with Shorty
Siftheads and a chick shooting game
Siftheads 4Siftheads 4
More sifthead madness...
Sonic ReloadedSonic Reloaded
Sonic the Hedgehog isnt taking any more shit! Choose your weapon and go ape shit!
Stick SquadStick Squad
Stick Squad is a FREE stickman shooter game with awesome sniping missions. the game features an appealing story line, with our two anti...
Stickman MadnessStickman Madness
Run around a restaurant killing people.
Stickman Madness 2Stickman Madness 2
Fricking stickmen, blood gore and headshots!
Thing ThingThing Thing
Diseased Productions original. One of the most unique shooting games to hit the internet, thing-thing brings something different to the...
Thing Thing 2Thing Thing 2
Blast em up, those heads go pop pop pop.
Thing Thing 3Thing Thing 3
More mad shooting in the streets, thing thing 3 violent flash
Thing Thing 4Thing Thing 4
Thing Thing is back with this mad rampaging platform shooter. Lots of violence which is good, plenty
Thing Thing Arena 3 | Scary FunThing Thing Arena 3 | Scary Fun
Thing Thing games are mental, play this one online now. Take control of the minions.
Tuer Tuer TuerTuer Tuer Tuer
Stick stress relief shoot everything that moves, gain bonus for multiple hits
Vinnies Shooting Yard 2Vinnies Shooting Yard 2
Sick Flash Game with shooting and a nice sound track.
Vinnies Shooting Yard 3!Vinnies Shooting Yard 3!
Waa waa wee waa, Vinney is back.
Kick ass shooter game, kinda badass theme. Rock and Roll music and chicks.
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