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Torture Games
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Beat me upBeat me up
This is a great stress reliever and a fun game although it may be a bit scary, you throw the man about a room, great after a crap day a...
Beat up BinladenBeat up Binladen
Try some boxing moves and then put Bin in da blender.
Hangman Hanger 2Hangman Hanger 2
This little ragdoll man flies through the air and loses limbs it's all rather cute and funny ahem.
Kill A FishKill A Fish
Kill this fish purrlease.
Kill Cows and PeopleKill Cows and People
Feel like an angry bastard? Unleash it on these idiots!
Kill CrowsKill Crows
I hate crows make too much noise and sound like flying monkeys, so shoot them all!
Punch My FacePunch My Face
Punch My Face is a funny fighting game where you can upload a picture of yourself or a friend. Customize your player by adding a funny ...
Ragdoll BearRagdoll Bear
Stupid teddy bear you can grind up. Use cool physics and make this fun.
Ragdoll Canon 2Ragdoll Canon 2
Fire the ragdoll at the target. Hit the target to proceed to the next level.
Ragdoll DeathRagdoll Death
Avalanche, avoid spikes falling or you get spiked, and will lose a limb.
Stickicide 3Stickicide 3
Torture this stick dude in malevolent ways, or try to avoid the imminent death that awaits you.
Throw man down stairsThrow man down stairs
Make this dude bleed, by throwing him off a bunch of stairs.
Torture 2Torture 2
Torture game, various torture techniques should be used.
Torture Bin LadenTorture Bin Laden
This little bastard is still hiding in some remote mountain range in Afghanistan with his 500 virgins. However we can kindly provided y...
Torture ChamberTorture Chamber
Ragdoll torture entertainment.
Torture Chamber 3Torture Chamber 3
Brutally destroy stick man, with gravity and heat and random shit.
Torture GameTorture Game
Torture someone, with different torture methods. Nice.
Torture Game 3 Torture Game 3
Interesting game with the ability to upload a friend - or enemy's face, and chop them into bite size pieces. Makes for funny entertainm...
Torture George BushTorture George Bush
Bush meet Mr Chainsaw...
Torture HimTorture Him
Beat him up, torture him by throwing him on spikes.
Torture Ricky MartinTorture Ricky Martin
Unleash various pain techniques upon la vida loca and get revenge :D
Torture SlothTorture Sloth
From the Goonies Hey you guys, stick pencils in his eyes.
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