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Scary Games

Scary Games

All the best scary horror games you can find on the internet. Play them now then go torch some cats for fun. Or something...Good list of scary games , if you are bored at school or work, or simply want some Halloween spooky fun, then try out this list of games.

What about scary pop up games? Well there's lots of those also. Also some good adult scary games. No pain just gain, and lot's of fun in this haunted place.

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13 More Days in Hell13 More Days in Hell
3D horror Flash, demons, minions and guardians muahaha.
A Crow in HellA Crow in Hell
Play this scary online halloween game.
A Crow in Hell 2A Crow in Hell 2
Madness is unleashed again in this sequel to a crow in hell.
Arrival in HellArrival in Hell
Prison life sucks, but what about when you have demons visiting you in your jail cell?
Ask the Spirits 2Ask the Spirits 2
Ask spirits questions in a seance, and get answers from the grave.
Ask the deadAsk the dead
seance, ouija board call it what you will ask dead people questions.
Atrocitys The revengeAtrocitys The revenge
Is an online RPG adventure horror game where you must look for clues. Prepare to jump.
Basted in bloodBasted in blood
Shoot babies avoid chickens!
Bubble Wrap ManiacBubble Wrap Maniac
Stress relieving bubble wrap game, which is good for relieving tension. Pop bubbles at will go crazy.
Bullwark 53Bullwark 53
Survival horror game, very scary involving the evil dead. play it online now!
Captain BraidyCaptain Braidy
Returns to the Bigtop Circus, the Manically depressive evil clown must be shot from a canon.
Celebrity SlaughterCelebrity Slaughter
House...Who got popped? Britney?
Cellar DoorCellar Door
Realistic graphics very scary game. Use no lights and turn the volume up. Horror adventure game with great sound
Creepy DollCreepy Doll
A really creepy doll you can play with. Become friends? Or is it just pure evil. Turn down the lights and find out what mysterious thin...
Creepy Subliminal MessageCreepy Subliminal Message
If you like songs that are scary with subliminal messages then check this out. Cradle of filth game.
Crimson ButterfliesCrimson Butterflies
Follow the red butterfly in this gothic horror point and click adventure.
Dark Base Incubation | Online HorroDark Base Incubation | Online Horro
Scary alien invasion game with blood and alien guts Over head shooter involving a disbanded alien space craft, you have been s...
Dark Cut 2Dark Cut 2
Grisly game WW2, you must patch this guys arm up, its been wrecked.
Dark Cut OnlineDark Cut Online
Play Dark Cut Online now! Surgery based horror game.
Darkness 2Darkness 2
Lots of weird things happening in this hospital muhahaha, turn the volume up.
Dead ReckoningDead Reckoning
Horror Adventure. Z to use flash light.
Death Trap You've just woken up...You are somewhere unfamiliar. Something is very wrong.
The stages of anxiety. Turn speakers up turn lights off. Scary game - wander around corridors in an office block.
Desolation 2Desolation 2
Survival Horror Game
Scary evil Flash game, horror adventure game, will make you jump, turn up the volume and turn off th
Factory of FearFactory of Fear
An experiment went wrong in 1997, now a girl is missing, can you find her?
FarWest NightmareFarWest Nightmare
Dark and Haunting point and click horror game in espanol. Juegos asustadizos. El Chupacabra and all that. Turn sound up.
Find Waldo ScaryFind Waldo Scary
Play find Waldo online in this fun scary popup game, trick your friends and stuff.
Five Finger PelletFive Finger Pellet
Knife Game
From heaven to hellFrom heaven to hell
Mother died a year hospital but I never go to see her.
Ghost RaceGhost Race
Neat ghost game, where you have to fly a little ghost and avoid some shiny spirits. This ghost race game will show dead brothers and si...
Ghost StoriesGhost Stories
This house has had some history, it is your job to investigate it and discover its evil past.
Goliath the SoothSayerGoliath the SoothSayer
Horror adventure game. Macabre Goliath the Soothsayer walkthrough this tough challenging horror game. Goliath killer game.
Halloween MazeHalloween Maze
You like maze games? Try this halloween version.
Halloween MonstersHalloween Monsters
Click and Drag to rip off monsters limbs.
Haunt The HouseHaunt The House
Play as a ghost in this spooky horror game. Hide in various objects and scare the home owners into leaving
Haunted HouseHaunted House
Wander around this house in a isometric view.
Haunted House MassacreHaunted House Massacre
Michael Myers theme tune, horror house...
Hell DriverHell Driver
Being a truck driver in hell is brutal. See if you can drive your way out of a the devils playground!
Hit the White DotHit the White Dot
Tricky game to play
Gory game, run around dungeons don't get chopped up.
Jack In Hell 2Jack In Hell 2
Scary pumpkin game for Halloween. Help Jacko in his quest for savior.
Kill KittensKill Kittens
By launching them in a canon and seeing how far you can fire them.
Gory game where you can squish this dudes head if you're not careful. blooood
Maze 2Maze 2
Maze 2, can you complete the maze game?
Minecraft OnlineMinecraft Online
Play free Minecraft Online game. Play full screen for best quality
Motel MadnessMotel Madness
Teen horror comic book adventure, with a psycho killer on the loose.
Never Ending LightNever Ending Light
Great escape game in the DARK. Are you afraid of the dark?
Nightmare on elm streetNightmare on elm street
Adventure involved blood and elm st
Nightmares of Leia RayNightmares of Leia Ray
Action/Adventure horror game, staring Leah Ray, Murder Redrum...
Ouija BoardOuija Board
We have this free online oujia board for your pleasure, ask questions to the spirits and receive answers on life's mysteries and those ...
Prison ArcadePrison Arcade
Good soundtrack platform prison game.
Escape horror game. Escape from this demented killers house.
Saw 4Saw 4
Horror Game playing games with Jigsaw
Scary Jingle Bells GameScary Jingle Bells Game
Jingle Bells jingle bells jingle all the way. Is this different when reversed? Seems so...
Scary MazeScary Maze
The scary exorcist maze game that you can play at this website, featuring the original scary maze game withe noises to...
Scary Maze Game 2Scary Maze Game 2
Or 2 I don't know!, try out this maze game and get your little sister playing it.
Scary Maze Game 3Scary Maze Game 3
Scary Game.Try this mouse avoider maze game. This might make you jump.
Scary Maze Game 4Scary Maze Game 4
Try this game of skill, scary maze 4 with shakey macgee. How steady are your nerves. Needle threading challenge
Scary Maze Game 5Scary Maze Game 5
Yet more scary maze fun, to scare yourself or friends with!
Scary Maze Game 6Scary Maze Game 6
Scariest of the lot, can you get to the last level? This new maze game is fun to send to friends
Scary SleepoverScary Sleepover
Scare this contestant out the house asap.
Scary SleepoverScary Sleepover
You must scare the residents to get them out of the house.
Scary Tic Tac ToeScary Tic Tac Toe
Tic tac toe game, how good are you? Can you beat the computer?
Set People on FireSet People on Fire
We don't need no water. Burn this dude set him on fire and run around like a headless chicken.
The AtonementThe Atonement
Graveyards, bats and blood.
The Girl With No HeadThe Girl With No Head
This girl has lost her head, help her find it.
The Hills Have Eyes 2The Hills Have Eyes 2
Grim weird film involving mutants in some deserted town, now play the Flash game.
The HipsterThe Hipster
Die hipster ist eine un ok I don't know much more German but this is some brilliant and weird flash game, with a kid with an egg shaped...
The Horror House EvilThe Horror House Evil
House of Horror Style Game. Amityville style horror. A boy roams corridors, the family died...
The NecromoniconThe Necromonicon
Battle Card game.
The UglyThe Ugly
Sin sin. Horror games are fun. Contains horror, sex and violence.
Vampire HunterVampire Hunter
Slay vampires
Winnie The Pooh Spot The DifferenceWinnie The Pooh Spot The Difference
Scary Winnie The Pooh Game. Try to find 5 differences in each level and progress to the next level. Scary spot the difference!
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