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Halloween Games

The Best Halloween Games

Halloween is a great time of the year to play scary game, browse our collection of the most scary and terrifying Halloween based action games on the web.

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26 Ways to Die26 Ways to Die
Choose one. Watch people die. Metal track. Suicide game, watch people die online. Heads explode for fun mmm sexy.
5 Mins to Kill Yourself5 Mins to Kill Yourself
Fricking suicide game. Another boring meeting sends you nuts in the office, so you decide to top yourself.
Animal HuntAnimal Hunt
Kill Animals for fun, similiar to deer hunting or outdoor hunting
Annoying Little GameAnnoying Little Game
Bizarre game with hidden traps, you have this stupid grinning man, and have to try and escape, with simple moves and cool music it is f...
Apple ShooterApple Shooter
Shoot people in the head with arrows. I mean shoot apples from peoples' heads.
Barb Jumping game avoid the barbed wire or get your legs cut off, you don't want that because then i
Beat up homeless in spaceBeat up homeless in space
This bum mofo idiot flies to space this time, like you? Then he decides to fight aliens and spit on people for fun.
Billy SuicideBilly Suicide
Depression hurts! Some guy is on suicide watch, keep his depression levels low or high, or just blow his brains out. You must keep him ...
Bitter PillBitter Pill
Battle nasty ass bacteria in someones gut, this pill is pissed off.
Blood CarBlood Car
Drive by, kill people by running them over.
Blood Car 2000 DeluxBlood Car 2000 Delux
Drive around and run hippies over carry them under your wheels and kill everyone! Awesome.
Bloody Fun Day| Scary PuzzleBloody Fun Day| Scary Puzzle
You play Death himself, in this game where you go around and kill all these cute little bastards.
Bum FightsBum Fights
Hobo Brawl, you play some homeless bastard who spits and lobs bottles at people.
Run over school kids.
Celebrity RouletteCelebrity Roulette
Hangman Russian Roulette with annoying celebrities. Blow their damn brains out.
Chain SawChain Saw
Chop up these weird pink fuckers for fun, try to bounce them off your chain saw.
Claris AutopsyClaris Autopsy
Claris died recently, can you find the cause?
Clay Kitten ShootingClay Kitten Shooting
Pull Bumpf - dead cat.
Coke HeadCoke Head
George Bush has often liked a dabble in narcotics, you have 90 seconds to sniff this shit.
Corpses of the 3rd ReichCorpses of the 3rd Reich
Gory platform game to get you in the mood. Expect horror, blood, gore and guts.
Cubikill 3Cubikill 3
Mad death rampage office game. Go nuts and cave some heads in!!
Dark Cut 3Dark Cut 3
Sick war time surgery game, fix peoples injuries.
Dead baby dress up Dead baby dress up
I used to eat dead babies, oh well now you can dress them up instead!
Death DiceDeath Dice
Take pills avoid dice, truly bizare game
Death GameDeath Game
There is a train coming, you are playing chicken with it, you have two choices:
Death RideDeath Ride
Hop on the 3 wheeler of death and run people over or shoot them!
DropKick - The FAINTDropKick - The FAINT
Drop KICK some Punks uuuuarrrragh!
Elmo DeathElmo Death
Kill Elmo in various threatening brutal ways.
Evil DentistEvil Dentist
Pull all the good teeth out for fun, stupid client. He thinks he's getting his teeth whitened or som
Fuzzy McFluffenstein 3Fuzzy McFluffenstein 3
Hyper violent Flash game featuring a fricking fluffy cat. Lots of blood and guts 666 style! This cat
Some twisted rich bastards get their kicks from torturing people in dungeons in eastern europe.
Hyper SquareHyper Square
Similar to the film the cube, where numerous traps can end in death.
Iron Maiden 666Iron Maiden 666
Fly a fricking plane and drop loud ass speakers on peoples heads for fun.
Johnny Rocketfingers 2Johnny Rocketfingers 2
Guide Johnny Rocketfingers around the urban jungle using wit and violence to get what you want.
Kill CatsKill Cats
Cat death Auto game. Simply drive around and kill cats.
Kill Chris CrockerKill Chris Crocker
This is fricking hilarious. Blend this mofo into bite size chunks! Uhahahaa. Leave Britney Alone!
Kill Christina AguileraKill Christina Aguilera
Choose bat, mower, or nades.
Kill HappyTreeFriendsKill HappyTreeFriends
You must hate those things, well you can kill them, try to shoot them as far as possible
Kill MeKill Me
Great game drop this little man on spikes to advance!
Kill RabbitsKill Rabbits
You have a big fricking hammer, which you use to kill little rabbits and see how many you can kill in a min
Kill a CatKill a Cat
Stupid cat.
Kill all CatsKill all Cats
Cat suicide game to play people.
Kill the EmoKill the Emo
Kill the Emo Kid quick.
Knife PeopleKnife People
Run around like a maniac and knife random people,
Machete ChamberMachete Chamber
World's most brutal quiz show: Try to answer questions whilst having knives thrown at your head. If you lose you lose arms and legs mwh...
Marathon Death GameMarathon Death Game
Run as fucking fast as you can into a wall WOOO. Get to splat cats, and other oddly things.
Meat Boy Map PackMeat Boy Map Pack
That disgusting blob of raw meat is back with 70 really tough levels to crack.
Monkey Poo FightMonkey Poo Fight
This is great you just lob shit at each other. The other monkey is located at the other side of the game area and all you have to do is...
Naked WomanNaked Woman
And a steep hill suicide game, you choose how to kill the old hag.
Neil Nailer Baby KillerNeil Nailer Baby Killer
Stupid babies have decided to invade the air space above humans, so Neil decided to throw hammers at the little runts.
A killer Virus is spreading, your job is to kill everyone everywhere from Britain to Zambia. Immunisation is your worse enemy.
Puker Puker
Just run about and puke on people, well you're supposed to try and find somewhere to puke after smoking too much pot.
Punch The Zombie HeadPunch The Zombie Head
Punch the head! This game involves keeping the head from hitting the floor. Otherwise expect blood.
Roulette, don't blow your brains out.
School Bus FrenzySchool Bus Frenzy
Evil school bus game where you have to squash kids, I mean save them! You can also fart to get across the street its quite fun!
School Bus RampageSchool Bus Rampage
Run over stupid school kids in your big yellow bus before the cops turn up.
This is possibly the most bizarre game ever. Basically kick a severed head at some fucker swinging on a rope type contraption. It's pro...
Shoot peopleShoot people
For fun!
Slither Hunting SeasonSlither Hunting Season
Biological mess up with mutant slugs, that will get in your mouth, if you do not shoot them with the
Smash People With A CarSmash People With A Car
Just get in the van and smash people up. This so good my evil friend, squish people with bus! Be quick with mouse click or bus will cra...
Stabika 2Stabika 2
Carnage time survival game.
The Hills Have EyesThe Hills Have Eyes
Mutant Horror film, involving depraved psychopaths, that are hunting people.
Throw Rocks at ShitThrow Rocks at Shit
Some chick is on suicide watch. Her only escape is the ocean. For gods sake dont let the shit get in it!
Unreal FlashUnreal Flash
Alien Warfare combat, headshots and lasers what more do you want?
Vampire HunterVampire Hunter
Hell Hath No Fury, Vampires have overtaken.
Weird Adventure GameWeird Adventure Game
Start with a seed, and see which way you want to take it!
Whack your soulmateWhack your soulmate
Dispose of him or her in the most brutal fashion.
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