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Zombies are invading earth from all sides. If you are looking for the best zombie killing games to shoot you have come to the right place. We have one of the largest resources of zombie games on the internet literally tons of free zombie games to play online, so what are you waiting for get killing! And don't forget when killing zombies aim for the head!

Some zombie games include halloween zombies, free zombie multiplayer games, realistic zombie games, boxhead zombies and others

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13 Days In Hell 213 Days In Hell 2
Thirteen days after is the sequel to the first horror game 13 days in hell. Shoot through this zombie infested place.
Against the deadAgainst the dead
Detective Wilson you must stop the Zombies at all cost.
All Hollows EveAll Hollows Eve
Zombie / Castle Defence Game. Mow down hordes of Zombie scum.
Altex3 ZombiesAltex3 Zombies
Nice music and zombies to kill in a basement
Army of the DeadArmy of the Dead
Madness strikes as zombie bastards invade your space, use your gun to splat them into pieces.
Billy Genocide - Billy Suicide 2!Billy Genocide - Billy Suicide 2!
World's most crazy zombie game. Play Billy a depressed sociopath, as you battle the undead. 666Gamer rates this game 5 stars!
Coin-op style zombie shooter, addictive in nature. Shoot invading zombies to progress.
Blood RunBlood Run
Run around eat peoples heads and faces, old school but good fun and blood!
Bloody HellBloody Hell
Fast paced zombie slaying game, where you can use such tools as flamethrowers.
Blow Up ZombiesBlow Up Zombies
With grenades! Great physics game where you have to lob nades at zombies and watch them explode in gory style.
Boxhead 2Boxhead 2
Zombie infested lego men, shoot everything that moves and dont forget to move.
Boxhead Bounty HunterBoxhead Bounty Hunter
Online Multiplayer Deathmatch zombie game. Shoot random people online!
Boxhead HalloweenBoxhead Halloween
Boxhead game, special edition. Use your witts against zombie hordes.
Boxhead More RoomsBoxhead More Rooms
More Lego infested zombie nightmares in this superb game. Just kill stuff dammit!
Boxhead RoomsBoxhead Rooms
Game by Sean Cooper has you shooting Lego headed people who look like well Zombies.
Boxhead Zombie WarsBoxhead Zombie Wars
A topview shooter, excellent gameplay, shoot hordes of zombies and construct a small base! Guide her
Brain BuffetBrain Buffet
Eat brains what more do you want...The zombie can eat brains of anyone. You can also upgrade and create
zombie brain eating freaks eat shotgun!
You must shoot all Zombies, and defend yourself as they attack from all angles.
Bulwark 53 part 2Bulwark 53 part 2
Realistic zombie game, bullwark 53 part 2. More zombie shooting madness.
Close Quarter CombatClose Quarter Combat
CQC Zombie Game one of our top 100 games.
Curse Village 2Curse Village 2
Zombie fest with lots of blood. Can you survive the living dead hags? Kill!
Dawn of the DeadDawn of the Dead
Dawn of the Dead, you need to be quick for this, as these zombies come at your from all sides. Turn
Dawn of the MadnessDawn of the Madness
Movie staring survivors of a zombie apocalypse.
Days 2 DieDays 2 Die
Zombie survival horror games, you are trapped as this virus spreads can you survive?
De-Animator ZombieDe-Animator Zombie
Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft's short stories. Kill zombies before they reach you.
Dead Frontier Night 1Dead Frontier Night 1
A very realistic looking zombie killer. Good luck making it through night one! The other nights are
Dead Frontier Night 2Dead Frontier Night 2
More Zombie infested madness in night two, if you survived the first night, then try this.
Dead Frontier Night 3Dead Frontier Night 3
Zombie Games and death games rock. You are on night 3 of this Zombie rampage. You must survive.
Dead Frontier OutbreakDead Frontier Outbreak
Zombie infestation escape manic game with evil dead bastards, can you get out alive? Zombie survival game.
Dead Zed Zombie DefenseDead Zed Zombie Defense
Like The Walking Dead, you have to survive while taking head shots at zombies will keep you alive longer, you need to also use strategy...
Devil RunDevil Run
You play a gunslinging badass, who is in the middle of an all out zombie war, featuring heavy metal music to get you pumped.
Die HardDie Hard
More Zeds to kill. Smash TV style zombie shooter
Divine InterventionDivine Intervention
fricking messed up Zombie game, watch out for the evil kids with knives, like modern day Britain
Divine InterventionDivine Intervention
ZOMG Zombies. Play as a priest who takes it upon himself to save the world from zombies.
Doomsdayiscoming is a marauding zombie game where you have to kill hundreds of zombies - there is no let up in this killing game
Evil Dead Men Die!Evil Dead Men Die!
More zombie rampaging madness in this realistic zombie game, you wade off hordes of dead bastards.
More scary ass Flash games, gory, bloody the lot.
Explomanica Zombie SlayerExplomanica Zombie Slayer
Zombies Game, run around like a lunatic shooting zombies in their faces.
FPS in real life 5FPS in real life 5
Fricking mad game with zombies and metal soundtrack. Work your way around the house and take down zombies.
Ghost RiderGhost Rider
Demon Duel. Destroy Zombies and the undead with a badass chain that delivers fire attacks.
Zombie escape horror game with evil dead roaming. You need to collect items and slay the walking dead bastards.
Hungry Are The DeadHungry Are The Dead
Zombie hordes are invading you must stop them.
I Remain I Remain
Zombie escape game, zombie apocalypse, night of living dead and all that malarky. Just escape dammit!
Impale ZombiesImpale Zombies
Physics game where you can throw zombies around and impale them onto spikes. What is more fun than throwing zombies around a room with ...
Infectanator ZombieInfectanator Zombie
Infect the world with your virus. Zombie infection game.
Iron MaidenIron Maiden
Shoot all the zombie soldiers on the battlefield. Duck to reload and shoot parachutes. Featuring Edd
Land of The DeadLand of The Dead
Zombie living dead madness!
Evil psychopath shooting up Zombies, blood gore and blowing heads straight off.
Mass Zombie MayhemMass Zombie Mayhem
A new bloody game in the Mass Mayhem series is here! After the world has been infected with a deadly virus, everyone is turning into fr...
Meat MansionMeat Mansion
Flesh eating zombies that will eat your face.
Multiplayer ZombiesMultiplayer Zombies
Join in this multiplayer zombie battle online with other players. Can you survive...
Night of the cursedNight of the cursed
Play in the dark zombie game, all you have is a torch. Fricking zombies gonna get it!
Pothead ZombiesPothead Zombies
Zombie wave attack game with zombies that are stoned of marijuana/pot.
Project ValidusProject Validus
Top down zombie shooter. Madness
Psychotic Ninja Zombie KillerPsychotic Ninja Zombie Killer
Crazy mad ninja gets up close and personal with a bunch of zombie bastards.
Ragdoll Zombie SlayerRagdoll Zombie Slayer
One man alone against the raving hordes of zombies. They come crawling, running and jumping, load your shotgun and blast them to pieces...
Not your usual point and shoot zombie game, Rebuild is a thoughtful, wordy game that takes real strategy to win. You need to balance ac...
Resident EvilResident Evil
This game is based on the Resident Evil series and this is the apocalypse version. Your aim is to survive as long as possible.
Road of the DeadRoad of the Dead
Run zombies over in this zombie killing game!
Rotting OnslaughtRotting Onslaught
You are an army commander, and are under invasion from a swarm of zombies, command your troops to ta
Run Over ZombiesRun Over Zombies
Get a truck and squish zombies, try to get as many points as you can.
Run Over Zombies With A CarRun Over Zombies With A Car
Get in the car bitch and run over the zombies. You get to splat zombie brains all over the hood, and wherever, this game is great fun.
SAS Zombie Assault 2SAS Zombie Assault 2
Play the SAS as wave after wave of zombies try to eat your flesh. Can you survive haha.
SAS zombie assaultSAS zombie assault
Zombie are attacking from all sides in this zombie defence game.
Zombie stick fighter movie.
Shaun of The DeadShaun of The Dead
All hell breaks loose in London, with Zombies invading. Throw your crap record collection at them.
Sheeps of RageSheeps of Rage
Zombie Sheep this one. Baaa, Baaaa die die die!
We have maimed butchered, brutalized and shot to death hundreds of Zombies, now you BECOME a Zombie
Sonny 2Sonny 2
Zombie bastards are back...
Springfield CemetarySpringfield Cemetary
The Simpsons are fricking Zombies! Kill them.
Super Mario TowerSuper Mario Tower
Super Mario Tower is a unique Super Mario Bros game that features your favorite original Mario Bros characters! Play as Mario, Luigi, o...
Super Zombie SmasherSuper Zombie Smasher
Super Zombie Smasher is a funny physic-based bow and arrow game. Your mission in the game is to kill all the Zombies with bow and arrow...
Tank Zombie MurderTank Zombie Murder
zombies are trying to brake through the barricades and you must use the tank to stop them eating human brains. Good graphical zombie ga...
Terror At 88MPHTerror At 88MPH
Driving game with blood and zombies.
The DamnedThe Damned
Swamp infested zombie shithole, get out alive that is all that matters.
The Last Stand 2The Last Stand 2
Zombie last defence game returns with more violence and death waves. Zombies are no longer slow or moronic. If you like to kill zeds wi...
The Last Stand ZombieThe Last Stand Zombie
Zombies are attacking you in this shooter, you MUST SURVIVE! Pure Evil, one of the best Zombie Games
The Sagitarian 2The Sagitarian 2
Online rpg horror adventure with zombies, you must read the story, as it unfolds you will unlock more of the story, chop off zombie hea...
Ultimate DownUltimate Down
Endless amount of Zombies, you get shotgun. Zombie madness!
Undead EndUndead End
Capcom classic coin-op inspired zombie shooter. Side scrolling zombie romp.
Undead HunterUndead Hunter
A remake of the classic bomberman sees you taking out the undead with sticks of dynamite in this unholy war.
We Are LegendWe Are Legend
Guitar Hero / Zombie Game
ZOMG Zombies Zombies oh my god.
Zombie 1001Zombie 1001
Evil horde of zombies occupy the farm. Vanish the zombies from your territory until you fight the last boss! Play full screen for best ...
Zombie Assault 3Zombie Assault 3
More zombie multiplayer fun in this 3rd installment of the series, the graphics are good the music is good, and you get to slay zombies...
Zombie BaseballZombie Baseball
Whack heads of advancing zombie bastards uhhhhhh brains.
Zombie BearsZombie Bears
Stupid zombie bears - kill em!
Zombie ExploderZombie Exploder
Explode zombie heads, fight off the undead in this rampaging cool zombie game. Got lots of games where you are turning people into zom...
Zombie Golf RiotZombie Golf Riot
Try to wack the head of the zombie as far as you can by smacking it with a chainsaw.
Zombie Grinder 60000Zombie Grinder 60000
Mad music great graphics, zombie infested hardcore metal, game
Zombie Home RunZombie Home Run
Baseball zombie game. Smash z's for a home run!
Zombie HookerZombie Hooker
This slut is mean. Not only is she sexy and good at killing, but she is wearing some hot clothes. Something has gone wrong in santa vil...
Zombie Hooker NightmareZombie Hooker Nightmare
Zombie hooker 2. This bad ass bitch is back with more friends and zombies to kill. She can slap her ass, and blow zombies heads off. Ha...
Zombie Horde 2Zombie Horde 2
Are YOU man enough to handle being out in the wild with zombies coming at you? Muahahaha Zombie fest
Zombie Horde 3Zombie Horde 3
You start as a team but after an onfortunate accident you're in for it alone again. This time in an
Zombie InfectionZombie Infection
28 Days later Zombie game.
Zombie InvasionZombie Invasion
Play both zombie and human. Intense survival game, how many days can you last?
Zombie KissZombie Kiss
Some zombie chick is trying to stick her tongue down your throat.
Zombie LandZombie Land
OMFG Zombies arrrr let the bodies hit the floor
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